Friday, 19 September 2008

Roundup(8-14 Sept)

Monday and Tuesday

Went 2 work as per normal. IC3 classes have started End of story

Wednesday and Thursday

Took these 2 days off End of story


Pulai Springs here I come! Off again 2day but its bcos im going on a prearranged family holiday. There were supposed 2 be 28 of us but 2 of the families couldnt make it(4+4). so all available members went.(by coach too!).

Hit the meeting place abt 12 with uncle harry n family. My dad insisted on opening the shop so he remained bhind n came later,so did my mum. My sis cld have cum wif us but nt enuff space in the cab,haha. We left 4 the resort at abt 215.

Went by Second Link,so there wasnt much hassle getting thru customs. Maybe I wasnt used 2 it or something but i started feeling ill(no, not fever but maybe flu,bottomline,not physical aliments). Hit the resort abt 4pm and napped til abt 6.

Dinner destination was supp 2 b some chinese restaurant famous 4 their peking duck n they said we didnt need 2 book in advance 2. But when we reached there, there was oredi a prior booking 4 a wedding. sian.(advice 2 pple out there,next time book 1st 2 make sure that u have ur places secured,even if they said there's no need 2 book).

Anyway they told us that we could sit outside,but hey,who in the right mind wld wanna sit outside when u cld b inside enjoying the aircon. My godma(the transport ic) was pretty upset and no wonder. Eventually they spotted this mall called Sutera n decided 2 try there.

My mum(who was the treater of dinner for the day) managed 2 find this japanese resturant n we were designated a small room. Skipping the food details, all the food bar one type was worth the cash. And 2 think that it was the "Recommendation of the day". We(especially my nephew Kenzie),wanted soft shell crab but we were recommended 2 have mini crabs, which on 1st sight cld have looked like something out of a kid's toy box. The 2nd worst part? They were totally tasteless. The worst part? for an order of 15 of those, it cost 75 ringgits!(for those math whizs,it means 5 ringgits per piece,or abt 2-3 bucks Sing dollars). Kenzie was so upset abt nt getting the soft shell crabs that he hardly ate any more after that. The bill totalled 787 ringgits or abt 350-400 Sing dollars which isnt actually very costly 4 a 20-person meal, but cld have been cheaper if not 4 the crabs.

We separated 4 shopping time after that and at about 930 left the mall. Played abit more of Taboo(game similar 2 charades) n then retired 2 the individual family rooms(Uncle Harry n my family had 2-room suites while my cuzins n godparents stayed in a 4-room 2gether(in case u wanted 2 know y, its bcos thats was an very gd offer on the 4-rooms, Also 4 those who dunno how 2 read a family tree,haha,my godparents(they r my auntie n uncle actually, but i dun call them that) r the parents of my cuzins n the grandparents of my nephew n nieces).

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