Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Roundup of the "major" events for "the week that was" 15 Sep-20 Sep

Tuesday 16 Sep

Went 2 c the doc. The visit was a lil longer this time. Keppra was eased off bcos of the(possible) aggravation of the side effects that i had suffered for so long. Added on Clobazam,also known as Frisium(I cun find it anywhere on Apparently its a banned drugs in certain countries.


Went back 2 office 2day. Feeling that the med withdrawal actually works but Frisium doesnt really help much.


Went for prayer walk arnd SPD and grace's sch(La'salles). wun really elaborate bcos there were certain sensitive issues brought up. Hung arnd grace's place till abt 530,then kh drove the grp 2 church. He cldnt go bcos of a prior appointment.

It was Baptism svc and being there alone reminded me of what happened during my own baptism last yr. That nite was pretty amusing.

Pastor Michael Ross Watson Rocks! He shld try out writing songs 4 da church. He preached using Revelations 1. Was surprised 2 know that he ever rode a motorbike and played football wif his best pants on. "Son of the King".He sure deserves that title 4 all that he has done in his life n others'.

Went 4 dinner ltr on. Officially separated from ben's side. So sad. He cldnt accept the word "separate" so I had 2 use "individualise" instead.

Today I saw leonard(joe's bro) smile for the 1st time. It wasnt flashy but was a solid straight smile. After dinner, joe,leonard n i chatted 4 quite awhile abt computers and stuff, was a very interesting conversation.

As we were abt 2 finish up n leave, ronald voiced that he "cldnt say anything" bcos he didnt know much abt comps,juz abt how 2 use them. It reminded me of the feeling that i felt as well previously(sometimes still feel it) that every1 was in sch but i wasnt, so they had common topics 2 talk abt,while i juz stoned over at my seat.

It made me realize how sometimes pple can feel so left out, after all I 've gone thru it b4. My consolation 2 ronald was there if every1 knew their computers inside out, comps technicians wld b out of a job. Dunno whether that was really much of a consolation tho.

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