Monday, 4 August 2008

Recap Part 3-2


this started a long discussion that lasted til abt the time cell ended, abt half hr.

However when cell ended I started having fear again(the fear came after the fit left,but didnt affect me so much)so I had to have benny and kh help me to church.After that they went for service while I went back to the car for a rest. I was encouraged to go back since I kept saying that I wasnt feeling well and sensitivity lvls were pretty high. But anyway I chose to rest in the veh and aft a while i went in 4 the remainder of svc since i was feeling a lil btr.

I didnt really focus on anything said during svc except the funny parts like the bike demo. If ps Jen could really "juz fall down and go to the hospital",i wld sure love to c that. I left svc immediately after it was over and went home.

I have decided not to recap sunday,so this is it.

The End


Note: for those pple who hate reading pls read 3-1 b4 u read this.

Recap Part 3-1

Saturday 2 August

I woke at lunchtime today after some pushing(literally) by my mum to get up. It's the wkend man. Let me slp!

Anyway so then i went to church arnd 2 plus. Ben Yuan was a visiting member 2day. Was surprised to see him there. we had some gd input frm him. Halfway thru worship,suddenly I felt a seizure coming. But thank God! It came n left b4 it cld manifest. A day to remember! Bcos this was only the second time it left wifout doing anything and unlike the 1st time it happened,this time i didnt even do anything(was juz on the ground resting). Cell was very helpful. They(grace continued playing the guitar,tho im sure she was praying in a way.) prayed and continued praying til i picked myself up. I was juz laughing and cldnt stop bcos i knew that something extraordinary had juz happened. God took control and it left. awhile later KH asked me whether i wanted a pillow bcos i told him i was tired. God provides,doesnt he? KH came back with not a pillow but something more like a BED. Talk abt Jehovah Jireh and this is the perfect example bcos i was overprovided with something which i didnt think i wld need but still had.
Soon after we did a "purpose of a cell" activity. I didnt write anything unlike the rest but I did some mouthwork. (yes I juz talked my way thru the whole thing,haha) anyway it turned out that our cell found out that Evangelism was the last thing that we were doing or even thinking of doing. Even Benny thot so based on his impressions.

Recap Part 2

Thursday 31th July

Today I went to work,but its not that simple bcos i knew if i didnt go today i probably wouldnt go the next day. I went, but did next to nth with the 2 hrs ispent at work,except after some fiddling arnd i managed to finish exercise 2 on vlookup. Up to now i still dunno how i did it.haha:)

at abt 4-5 plus i left office bcos again i wasnt feeling too well. Usually i stay overtime to slack in the a/c rm and spend time in front of the com there.

Friday 1 August

I didnt go to work 2day even tho i was well. Y? bcos i felt that my head needed some clearing up and i needed some time by myself. I also picked up my bible for the 1st time in like 2 yrs and started reading juz starting with Genesis,no particular reference.

Mr Yeo's bdae is 2day. Happy Birthday Dennis!

Recap Part 1

Today i will blog diff. instead of juz throwing in my feelings and thots,i will do a recap of the week started 28 July in 2 parts starting with Monday-Wednesday,then Thursday and Friday n then the weekend will be part 3.

So 28th July Monday.

today i went to work as per normal,but felt sick towards the end

I took a break these 2 days bcos of issues in the mind. Read my "Memories"entry to know more.

Nothing much happened these 2 days except i was struggling with memories flowing back over n over.