Monday, 28 July 2008


Some people think that having a fabulous memory is a good thing. But I'm here to tell those pple that you are totally WRONG! Why? Because memories exist as good and bad,which means you dun have a choice to choose the memories that u wanna keep. Today was a very good example. I wasnt feeling very good in the early hours of the night,so I msged my cell leader to get my cell to pray. Problem was when I said cell,I meant the cell that existed b4 we split abt a mth back,so we had a lil conflict abt that bcos I had forgotten/remembered(delete where necessary) that our cell was no longer 2gether/that we had multiplied(Again,delete where necessary). Then my head started aching bcos everything was being remembered at once. Another example would be last sat, where aft YES 5(which I wasnt there for), I gave Ronald a ring(After I rang Kok Hong) to ask whether I cld join them for dinner at church(I found out that they decided to go to Mc's at Japanese Garden instead). Phileo was back together! Again I had forgotten til I realized that nth abt Phileo was mentioned thruout the time I was there! Ben's qn(So wht's ur new cell name?) suddenly made me remember that we were no longer 2gether anymore(as a cell). And it felt weird.

During these past 2 weeks,I realized tt old memories were flooding back, some good some bad but irregardless they still gave me a headache(those lapses always do)

I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance,and as some that play the game might know,everytime a crystal is destroyed,Part of Mewt's old memories return and most of them are painful.

So pple out there who still think that having a good memory is a good thing,please also think about wht comes along with that. Bcos,Reality is,there are definitely some things that a person wants to forget but cant. For those who can, they are the few "lucky" ones.

The End

Typing this made me realize that this is my longest post yet.


Sunday, 27 July 2008

The match where everything went wrong

today was a relatively good day overall.I would like to once more thank kok hong and ronald for taking the time to come down to see the team play even tho i didnt actually play. today we lost. but the big talking point was that my coach wanted to play. Apparently he's an offically registered player but,nevertheless the other team's coach wasnt happy. But the good thing was,ALL the players were,even those on the other end.

Waiting for my next game which comes in 2 weeks(16 Aug)

Hopefully i will be able to play by then

As I finish typing this. I realize its half past midnight.
goodnight world!


Tuesday, 22 July 2008


As I reflect on what has happened this last few days, i realized a few things.
In this world,there are 3 groups of people you must never get in conflict with. They are your leaders,bosses and your friends. But now as i look back,there are sometimes when i feel regretful bcos some friendships/relationships can never be repaired after they have been broken(ever...)
For me, it's more on the friendship side,but you or myself for that matter may never know how things can turn out.

I also realized that this has been my 3rd post in a week. Just half the total of all posts last year.
Maybe i will end up going into double figures this year. haha.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Spoke to the"boss" yesterday and it turns out everything i was thinking about and assuming was juz a huge miscommunication. But i have a problem.Now juz when i thot i cld have peace from the issue,it's exactly the opposite.

o man!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I have another name(in addition to my current one)

Quite a while back,I found out that my mum wanted to name me Issac but she read her bible wrong and thot if she did then she would have 2 sacrifice me or something,so she named me Ivan instead. That left me wondering,how different would my life be if my name was Issac? Well O dun have an answer to that but now I have added a unofficial middle name 2 my full name. It used to juz be Ivan Lim,now pple can start calling me Ivan Issac. Hehe. But pls, juz Ivan will be fine.

I'm back to work after slacking for almost half a year, and for the 1st time in my 1st 10 days i actually feel stressed. Can u believe that? Stress for a person who has been doing close to nth for the past 5-6 mths!

So sian! Stressed at work but suddenly i find hm so boring. A place that has been my nest/shell is suddenly boring. Even i'm surprised.

Life is so strange!