Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I have another name(in addition to my current one)

Quite a while back,I found out that my mum wanted to name me Issac but she read her bible wrong and thot if she did then she would have 2 sacrifice me or something,so she named me Ivan instead. That left me wondering,how different would my life be if my name was Issac? Well O dun have an answer to that but now I have added a unofficial middle name 2 my full name. It used to juz be Ivan Lim,now pple can start calling me Ivan Issac. Hehe. But pls, juz Ivan will be fine.

I'm back to work after slacking for almost half a year, and for the 1st time in my 1st 10 days i actually feel stressed. Can u believe that? Stress for a person who has been doing close to nth for the past 5-6 mths!

So sian! Stressed at work but suddenly i find hm so boring. A place that has been my nest/shell is suddenly boring. Even i'm surprised.

Life is so strange!

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