Thursday, 28 August 2008

I have a dream.....


What a strange thing!

Some pple believe in them but some don't. Some even scoff at the thot of others having dreams,but can they truthfully say that they they haven't had a single dream in their life? Unless that person is a day old of cos, then they can say so.

Some pple believe that dreams happen when ur subconciousness take over,most of the time when u r slping. The dreams r images of ur innermost thots,some that u nvr thot u had. Others believe that a certain dream that u had cld bcos that person is thinking of u. Still there r some that believe that dreams r the opposite of reality. That one i acccept bcos that is no argument 2 b made. But i think the 1st theory is more applicable. I dare say that i have dreamt of a lot of "stars", sports and tv personalities. Does that means they are thinking of me? i dun think so.:)

However the dreams i have been having these past 2-3 wks have led me
to believe that some claims made by pple in the papers may be more true than false.

Like a few days ago when tnp(The New Paper) reported that in parts of malaysia, residents(usually the older ones) claim that they found pure gold. 1 of them even claimed 2 have dreamed of that location, and i believe him.

Recently i have had dreams of scenes that would make a good script on a tv show.Masked Rider Ryuki anyone? Or a drama? The scenario? I dreamt of a family. The father was a hourly paid worker while the mother stayed by her son's side. The son was heavily sick. Always in hospital. One day after he(the father) visited his son,the minute he stepped out of the ward,he slumped to the floor and started crying bcos he knew that money had run dry paying 4 the hospital bills.

He remembered always quarreling wif his wife bcos there was no money and he felt that she shld go get a job and also felt that she was focusing on their son 2 much. The mother on the other hand felt that putting her's son welfare was much more impt than any other thing.

The dreams aside, I have always thot that as the points of others abt dreams are valid(not 2 say that i believe all of it) I wld like 2 add a few of my own.

I 4 1 believe that ur environment and what u do daily also affects what u dream abt at nite.

One example, Power Rangers was(and still is) one of my fav shows of all time. I used to watch and rewatch n rewatch and rewind the vcds i had nonstop(up to a point my family got irritated) and then at nite i wld dream that i was one of them. bcos i cldnt stop thinking abt them.

Up to now, almost daily i wld hum the MMPR theme silently(even now as im typing this,can u believe that im thinking abt MMPR now?)

It's nearly 1am now and im off 2 bed. Sayonara, oyasumi( gd nite)

Maybe I will have dreams again 2nite, but that's another story

Til then gd bye and gdnite

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