Monday, 4 August 2008

Recap Part 2

Thursday 31th July

Today I went to work,but its not that simple bcos i knew if i didnt go today i probably wouldnt go the next day. I went, but did next to nth with the 2 hrs ispent at work,except after some fiddling arnd i managed to finish exercise 2 on vlookup. Up to now i still dunno how i did it.haha:)

at abt 4-5 plus i left office bcos again i wasnt feeling too well. Usually i stay overtime to slack in the a/c rm and spend time in front of the com there.

Friday 1 August

I didnt go to work 2day even tho i was well. Y? bcos i felt that my head needed some clearing up and i needed some time by myself. I also picked up my bible for the 1st time in like 2 yrs and started reading juz starting with Genesis,no particular reference.

Mr Yeo's bdae is 2day. Happy Birthday Dennis!

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