Monday, 4 August 2008

Recap Part 3-2


this started a long discussion that lasted til abt the time cell ended, abt half hr.

However when cell ended I started having fear again(the fear came after the fit left,but didnt affect me so much)so I had to have benny and kh help me to church.After that they went for service while I went back to the car for a rest. I was encouraged to go back since I kept saying that I wasnt feeling well and sensitivity lvls were pretty high. But anyway I chose to rest in the veh and aft a while i went in 4 the remainder of svc since i was feeling a lil btr.

I didnt really focus on anything said during svc except the funny parts like the bike demo. If ps Jen could really "juz fall down and go to the hospital",i wld sure love to c that. I left svc immediately after it was over and went home.

I have decided not to recap sunday,so this is it.

The End


Note: for those pple who hate reading pls read 3-1 b4 u read this.

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