Friday, 8 August 2008

recap(4-8 aug) part 1

When I read my blog over i realized that i had gone over double figs oredi and its only august

Record-breaker man!

So another recap coming up


I went to work as per norm so not much to say really... except I was told again that i shld work faster


Took a day off bcos i was a lil down over my supp's comments abt my workrate. went arnd the net and msn 4 advice on how 2 improve in that aspect.
After awhile i lost interest so i decided to slack. At abt 8 i left for ry's pl 4 seah's birthday(kh said no dress code so instead i chose by colour,went all black.)

Didnt feel like eating when i reached there but ate some anyway. chatted abit with the cell(whole phileo was there wif exception of a few) and had some photos taken.

Towards the end I chatted with a few others and got 2 know a few more pple by name and some by face.

Arnd 10 after talking some more I started not to feel so well,unfortunately that was also when ronald decided to pop the balloons:( So it aggravated my condition a lil and i started feeling a fit coming on but thanks to prayer from ryan and the rest arnd and a lil(juz a lil) faith,once again it came it left immediately without manifesting(apart from some minor vibrations). Thank God. Nevertheless Ronald was very apologetic for his actions but I have since(and still will if needed)
reassured him that it wasnt his fault it happened.

Part 1 end.

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