Saturday, 16 August 2008

week(11-15 Aug) recap

11,12 Aug

These 2 days was as per normal at work except i was having splitting headaches and dizzy spells
and also having funny dreams at night(tv commercial abt saving water bcos singapore was running out,A big dog and the modern day prodigal son) Go figure.

13-14 Aug

These 2 days I took off. splitting headaches and dizzy spells still lingered. but at least no more funny dreams.

15 Aug

Went back 2 work 2day. Finally managed to finish my vlookup assignments after figuring out the "trick". 2day 2 new trialists came in 4 assessments bring the number of trialist 2 3 in the week.
Went 4 jpl prayer meeting at 7 n no regrets going there altho i was stoning 4 most of the time.

I think the turning point(wake up call) 4 me was when suddenly there was a blackout. at 1st i thot it was intentional bcos at that time ps jenn was talkin abt being "lights" in the darkness but she believed otherwise. Also I found out 2 weeks ago that there was also a blackout when the biblical studies program class was in progress,so whether the blackout was an accident or was God involved is still a mystery.

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