Sunday, 10 August 2008

When do we not fear God?

Saturday 9 August(National Day)

Today I woke up at half past 1(1.30pm for those who prefer numbers).
At 2.45 I left hm with family for church. Hit church arnd 3.05.

Chris was there doing guitar despite his broken shoulder. Talk abt dedication. Worship was a lil extended 2day. But in my view, time doesn't matter when u r in sync with God. cell session was a recap on the 5Es session we did last week. Early on,there was a brainstorming sessionon how 2 improve on our last E,which was Evangalism. there were a total of 11 points for improvement that we managed to find after which we had 2 compact it to 5 points which were as follows:
1.Willingly follow God
2.To know God intimately
4.Die to self
5.The Great Commission

Apart from the last point,i think the other r easily understood.

Moving on...

Last part of cell was to reflect on the times when we dont fear God and it was harder 2 do than I thot. But I managed to scrape two out of which one i will elaborate on.
I realized that I dont fear God when I tell white("good") lies.
I know that the bracketed words look ridiculous but its true.

I believed that if u lie without causing any trouble then it wld b fine and that those lies would be considered "good" and I know that its a mentality I will have to change.

Sometimes when I want 2 dodge a topic or dun wanna drag it on,then I will unconciously lie,and that is despite the fact that a lot of pple have told me that im very honest with what i say.(I think what they really mean is that im very open-minded)

I was also very hesitant when we went onto the topic of accountability bcos in my case I believed (and still do) that there r some things u need 2 handle alone.

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kh said...

interesting stuff u share.. just wanna comment on something you wrote "I believed (and still do) that there r some things u need 2 handle alone".

my question is: what is your belief based on? personal or from the Bible? and do they contradict or support each other?