Monday, 29 September 2008

Roundup of the closing of Sep.

As Sep closes, this mth will b remembered 4 me:

1.having 2 attacks in 3 weeks

2. having my left hand jammed in between 2 auto doors.

3.managing 2 get my right index finger n left middle finger(at diff times but at the same place within 24 hrs of each other) injured bcos i knocked into a plastic hanger by accident at my house.( btw,i juz hit it lightly).

4. getting more sensitive 2 sounds n movements(I'm remedying that tho. Thank God.)

5. knowing my limits and (sometimes) trying 2 break them, but rarely successful.

6. going on a comments spree on facebook.

And finally, realizing how screwed up my life is and moving(slowly)but still moving 2 change that as well.

Closing notes: A few days ago,my mum read 2 me a book by Pastor Henry W. Wright. Of cos she didnt read thewhole thing,but anyway, after she read it, I saw this words which i believe were from God(Pharaoh,Moses,The Ten Plagues and Hardened Heart.) KH told me his interpretation of these words,but if any1 out there would like enlighten me more wif their interpretation, go ahead n do so in the"comments" section.


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Roundup of the "major" events for "the week that was" 15 Sep-20 Sep

Tuesday 16 Sep

Went 2 c the doc. The visit was a lil longer this time. Keppra was eased off bcos of the(possible) aggravation of the side effects that i had suffered for so long. Added on Clobazam,also known as Frisium(I cun find it anywhere on Apparently its a banned drugs in certain countries.


Went back 2 office 2day. Feeling that the med withdrawal actually works but Frisium doesnt really help much.


Went for prayer walk arnd SPD and grace's sch(La'salles). wun really elaborate bcos there were certain sensitive issues brought up. Hung arnd grace's place till abt 530,then kh drove the grp 2 church. He cldnt go bcos of a prior appointment.

It was Baptism svc and being there alone reminded me of what happened during my own baptism last yr. That nite was pretty amusing.

Pastor Michael Ross Watson Rocks! He shld try out writing songs 4 da church. He preached using Revelations 1. Was surprised 2 know that he ever rode a motorbike and played football wif his best pants on. "Son of the King".He sure deserves that title 4 all that he has done in his life n others'.

Went 4 dinner ltr on. Officially separated from ben's side. So sad. He cldnt accept the word "separate" so I had 2 use "individualise" instead.

Today I saw leonard(joe's bro) smile for the 1st time. It wasnt flashy but was a solid straight smile. After dinner, joe,leonard n i chatted 4 quite awhile abt computers and stuff, was a very interesting conversation.

As we were abt 2 finish up n leave, ronald voiced that he "cldnt say anything" bcos he didnt know much abt comps,juz abt how 2 use them. It reminded me of the feeling that i felt as well previously(sometimes still feel it) that every1 was in sch but i wasnt, so they had common topics 2 talk abt,while i juz stoned over at my seat.

It made me realize how sometimes pple can feel so left out, after all I 've gone thru it b4. My consolation 2 ronald was there if every1 knew their computers inside out, comps technicians wld b out of a job. Dunno whether that was really much of a consolation tho.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Roundup(8-14 Sept)

Monday and Tuesday

Went 2 work as per normal. IC3 classes have started End of story

Wednesday and Thursday

Took these 2 days off End of story


Pulai Springs here I come! Off again 2day but its bcos im going on a prearranged family holiday. There were supposed 2 be 28 of us but 2 of the families couldnt make it(4+4). so all available members went.(by coach too!).

Hit the meeting place abt 12 with uncle harry n family. My dad insisted on opening the shop so he remained bhind n came later,so did my mum. My sis cld have cum wif us but nt enuff space in the cab,haha. We left 4 the resort at abt 215.

Went by Second Link,so there wasnt much hassle getting thru customs. Maybe I wasnt used 2 it or something but i started feeling ill(no, not fever but maybe flu,bottomline,not physical aliments). Hit the resort abt 4pm and napped til abt 6.

Dinner destination was supp 2 b some chinese restaurant famous 4 their peking duck n they said we didnt need 2 book in advance 2. But when we reached there, there was oredi a prior booking 4 a wedding. sian.(advice 2 pple out there,next time book 1st 2 make sure that u have ur places secured,even if they said there's no need 2 book).

Anyway they told us that we could sit outside,but hey,who in the right mind wld wanna sit outside when u cld b inside enjoying the aircon. My godma(the transport ic) was pretty upset and no wonder. Eventually they spotted this mall called Sutera n decided 2 try there.

My mum(who was the treater of dinner for the day) managed 2 find this japanese resturant n we were designated a small room. Skipping the food details, all the food bar one type was worth the cash. And 2 think that it was the "Recommendation of the day". We(especially my nephew Kenzie),wanted soft shell crab but we were recommended 2 have mini crabs, which on 1st sight cld have looked like something out of a kid's toy box. The 2nd worst part? They were totally tasteless. The worst part? for an order of 15 of those, it cost 75 ringgits!(for those math whizs,it means 5 ringgits per piece,or abt 2-3 bucks Sing dollars). Kenzie was so upset abt nt getting the soft shell crabs that he hardly ate any more after that. The bill totalled 787 ringgits or abt 350-400 Sing dollars which isnt actually very costly 4 a 20-person meal, but cld have been cheaper if not 4 the crabs.

We separated 4 shopping time after that and at about 930 left the mall. Played abit more of Taboo(game similar 2 charades) n then retired 2 the individual family rooms(Uncle Harry n my family had 2-room suites while my cuzins n godparents stayed in a 4-room 2gether(in case u wanted 2 know y, its bcos thats was an very gd offer on the 4-rooms, Also 4 those who dunno how 2 read a family tree,haha,my godparents(they r my auntie n uncle actually, but i dun call them that) r the parents of my cuzins n the grandparents of my nephew n nieces).

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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Review :1 Sep-7 Sep

What a week!
1 Sep

Today I went 2 work as per normal. End of story

2-5 Sep


2day I took the day off bcos wasnt feeling 2 well. Nth much 2 say.


Off again 2day and I was 2 find out that it was the right choice. Had a seizure after i slipped on the wet flr at hm at abt 9pm. Ran on abt 8 mins according 2 dad. I realized that i was pretty scared of almost everything arnd me n the fear was 1 of the factors that caused it.


Due 2 the fit,I took tis 2 days off. Fear was still there but i felt better. At least I didnt feel crying
wrenching pain. Yes my head was that painful. I have had post-fit headaches but this was the 1st time i cried bcos of it.


I hit church abt 330 2day. Cell was quite messy 2day n pretty much stop-start. I screwed up n nearly didnt have anything 2 eat b4 9. I dunno what i was thinking then,but when i felt i cldnt go 4 communion,I told joe 2 do it in proxy 4 me. (Sorry joe 4 putting u in a spot n it was ur 1st time too.)I went 2 take it anyway. Super freaked that i wld drop halfway thru but Thank God I didnt. When the svc ended, Ronald went up 4 altar-call n aft advice frm ben's side(cant believe i still call them that.), the cell decided 2 go in force 2 support him. I still wasnt feeling 2 well but i went anyway. When u go 2 bless pple,usually u wanna spread the gd omens 2 others but in my case,all i felt was freakin' fear. Look at it tis way, my turn at altar-call came aft him even tho i didnt go 4 it. I was extremely subdued and onli managed 2 squeeze out the basic words like:(follow me,say this so i followed. It was after much hesitation, i muz add) n didnt say anything much else.

On a final note I wld like 2 thank all members of the ex phileo 4 all they did last sat,including delaying their dinner. I admit that I may need help again in the future n u r always there. Thanx guys.

Muz oso remind myself 2 look up. Problem is, the only way i can actually look up without "force" is when im on my bed staring at the ceiling(when i lie down have 2 bend head to look at feet ma) Muz learn 2 do more of the same standing up.



Im still freaked, unable 2 do anything at work. Hopefully i will feel btr when i go 2 pulai springs starting fri-mon.

" they say at weddings" i give u this ring as a pledge of my love" Fortunately for Christians,we dunnit a ring,juz a pledge"