Monday, 29 September 2008

Roundup of the closing of Sep.

As Sep closes, this mth will b remembered 4 me:

1.having 2 attacks in 3 weeks

2. having my left hand jammed in between 2 auto doors.

3.managing 2 get my right index finger n left middle finger(at diff times but at the same place within 24 hrs of each other) injured bcos i knocked into a plastic hanger by accident at my house.( btw,i juz hit it lightly).

4. getting more sensitive 2 sounds n movements(I'm remedying that tho. Thank God.)

5. knowing my limits and (sometimes) trying 2 break them, but rarely successful.

6. going on a comments spree on facebook.

And finally, realizing how screwed up my life is and moving(slowly)but still moving 2 change that as well.

Closing notes: A few days ago,my mum read 2 me a book by Pastor Henry W. Wright. Of cos she didnt read thewhole thing,but anyway, after she read it, I saw this words which i believe were from God(Pharaoh,Moses,The Ten Plagues and Hardened Heart.) KH told me his interpretation of these words,but if any1 out there would like enlighten me more wif their interpretation, go ahead n do so in the"comments" section.


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