Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tribute to the church

As the year comes to an end(13 days to my doc's appointment,23 days to Christmas,26 days to camp) and 29 days to January 2009, I would like to use this time, and post my public thanks to,

In no particular order:

Have helped me to understand the Bible better(Rachel and Gim Yong)

As a group helped me to adapt to church, and bearing with me and all my c**p(Phileo)

The whole youth ministry's pastors and leaders.

My cell leaders(former and current) Seah and Kok Hong for helping me adapt to cell

a person i consider a very good friend(am i even worthy?) that i can open my heart to to a certain extent: Jasmin(thanks for lending a ear to all my grouses), a friend that always seems to be there when i need one.

to all who have remembered me when I returned after 2 years away.(Moses,Zachary and many others, you know who you are), up to now i apologize that i do not know some of you who know me.

To all who made my camp life as comfortable as possible(I didnt how to appreciate one of the best rooms in the nus campus):(

And to all who i have left uncredited, I apologize.(too many of u lah)

Thank you all for helping me to live in church a life as normal as possible.

Last and Most of all.


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