Monday, 28 July 2008


Some people think that having a fabulous memory is a good thing. But I'm here to tell those pple that you are totally WRONG! Why? Because memories exist as good and bad,which means you dun have a choice to choose the memories that u wanna keep. Today was a very good example. I wasnt feeling very good in the early hours of the night,so I msged my cell leader to get my cell to pray. Problem was when I said cell,I meant the cell that existed b4 we split abt a mth back,so we had a lil conflict abt that bcos I had forgotten/remembered(delete where necessary) that our cell was no longer 2gether/that we had multiplied(Again,delete where necessary). Then my head started aching bcos everything was being remembered at once. Another example would be last sat, where aft YES 5(which I wasnt there for), I gave Ronald a ring(After I rang Kok Hong) to ask whether I cld join them for dinner at church(I found out that they decided to go to Mc's at Japanese Garden instead). Phileo was back together! Again I had forgotten til I realized that nth abt Phileo was mentioned thruout the time I was there! Ben's qn(So wht's ur new cell name?) suddenly made me remember that we were no longer 2gether anymore(as a cell). And it felt weird.

During these past 2 weeks,I realized tt old memories were flooding back, some good some bad but irregardless they still gave me a headache(those lapses always do)

I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance,and as some that play the game might know,everytime a crystal is destroyed,Part of Mewt's old memories return and most of them are painful.

So pple out there who still think that having a good memory is a good thing,please also think about wht comes along with that. Bcos,Reality is,there are definitely some things that a person wants to forget but cant. For those who can, they are the few "lucky" ones.

The End

Typing this made me realize that this is my longest post yet.