Thursday, 3 September 2009

The month that was- August

I took the O levels oral exam this month. Prior to the exam, i did something normal examinees wouldnt do. I was watching power rangers for a few days in a row. Seems routine now(not a good thing) but again I couldnt sleep the whole night on the day of the exam. Dissidia is out!(update: 1 sep. started playing it today, more fun than i thought, even in a sense addictive:)

Apart from this, there really isnt much to type about. Expect I just missed the most important thing. Thank God, bcos my panic attacks came back this month but the new medicine the doc gave put it under control.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

the week that was 5-13 july

I wanted 2 do a psp fast but after a week that went up in smoke so i look back and think maybe it was more of a self control week.

I got the cake for this month's birthdays too early, even grace said so( in fact she was the only one that said that) but then i was just wanting to get it done early. turns out a change of plans meant my cake was redundant. Fortunately big ben took it back home, if not i wouldnt know what 2 do with it.

Went to NYNY y'day 2 celebrate josh's bdae, nearly spoiled the surprise when i msged the man himself thinking that he knew, fortunately big ben and the rest took it as an oversight.

Saw uncle phua as well. turns out life in etc is quite interesting. He wanted me 2 pray 4 him 2 get taller( dun understand y tall pple wanna get taller). At 1st i didnt want 2 but as a parting"gift" u juz said a few words.

Its up to u now .God....

Felt so left out after dinner bcos i had nothing 2 share( both the dinner food and talkwise).

NYNY isnt actually as ex as i thot it wld be, which is a gd thing. haha

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The week that was(22-28 june)

Events that have happened this week proves how behind my peers I am.

I went to tbp to register for some writing class( o lvls prac) on tuesday, got rejected by the 1st centre I went to, no surprise that the recep was surprised at my age taking O'
On wednesday afternoon, I got a shock by the toliet flush, YES a toliet flush. somehow I couldnt take the sudden noise that came when I flushed. Up to now it still affects me abit.

On thursday evening went for a walk, fortunately it was the straight path this time.

On friday night, my body proved it couldnt take it anymore and I blew up, second attack in 8 days.

Yesterday abigail got married.Almost couldnt recognise her without the glasses. We werent that close anyway but I expected myself to do better. She was beautiful( managed to squeeze out that word while standing there stoned). a totally different person from the one i knew more than a decade ago.

I have the class today,postponed from thursday. but im gonna miss the show"are you smarter than a 5th grader?":(.

I cant seem to kick out of my comfort zone entirely, anytime I feel better and wanna help pple, something bad happens to deter me from doing so. Thankfully I have good frens who are always ready to help out when i need them, but when can i finally let go? in 2007 (my best year post 2005) I thot I cld finally live normal again, but it seems not to be yet:(

Friday, 12 June 2009

School of Supernatural Ministry(and other things)


Week 1 with Pastor Kris was good but was pretty passive. I wrote a note to him bcos i knew my behaviour during his sessions were less than presentable. Week 1 has given me a slight confidence boost on speaking over pple.

Like he would say: that's a good word right there:D.

Week 2 with the Dedmons and Joaquin Evans just ended today. Love them bcos they are messy when they speak, abit like me!, but at least they get their points across properly, while I don't. But i'm still not laughing proper:(. Love the laughing sessions, I feel everyone needs pple like them bcos of their gift to laugh.

I want to go to Bethel.

Remarks: So what if I look like a clown when I do stuff, I dont really care, as long as I get my point across. Just realized some things are not worth explaining. Pple stop me from laughing? I dun understand. Joy was the theme of the 1st 10 years of my life. Trying so hard to bring it back and im being stopped?!

My spirit isnt a spirit of perseverance, its a spirit of stupid everything!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thoughts on the Champions League Final

I just saw the highlights of the final.

1) Valdes had only 1 save to make all match, really tells the story about Man U strikeforce
2) Ronaldo was not only Man U's best player. He seemed to be the only one.
3) The 1st Barca goal should not have gone in, and would not have if it was classic VDS in goal

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

tale of the 2 snakes

Recently, I had this dream where I was crossing a drain with my parents, not your regular drain but a huge one, the size of several drains in one. My dad crossed with no issues, then my mum crossed,I was beside her and suddenly, a creature appeared(a cross between a croc,lizard and a snake.) Strangely enough, even tho the creature was just"over there doing nothing", my mum started freaking out.

Just yesterday, I had a similar dream, I was part of a sort of a "snake" game( like the ones on handphones), A group of my friends and I were together when we saw the snake. The snake started small and we started renouncing the snake as a group.

One by one, my friends got eaten up and the snake got bigger. I was the last, so by the time it came at me, it's size was beyond epic proportions(ok,maybe not). However, before it could set its teeth on me, I woke up.

Open to interpretation, so anyone free enough to do so, plz kindly do.




Wednesday, 14 January 2009

cheap and good western food( n curry)

On sunday, my parents and I decided to go to the western food pl which my dad claimed was more than juz value for money, it was also money for value. ok so that was lame(he didnt exactly say that). Anw im not really an outdoor person so I initially didnt wanna go(of cos eventually I did) and the trip was defi worth it. I had hickory bbq chicken while my dad had some beef set(both S$5.90 and mum took salmon(S$6.50). Each set came with two free sides too!(had two rounds of onion rings:)).

Verdict:9.5/10(the .5 deduction is because they didn't give sauces to go with the servings, Had to go take it ourselves.) Service was good. The food came much earlier then the estimated time.(they said 30 mins, it arrived within 10).

My dad had decided that since we went all the way to serangoon, we shld enjoy ourselves abit more so he went to order another beef item,unfortunately,by then the queue had gotten too long so he reconsidered and we decided to go across the road to try the curry.

The second round of food didnt seem to be as worth it as the 1st. $4 for a medium-sized bowl of curry and bread. Could have been cheaper, but nevertheless the curry was good, so not much to complain about.

Verdict 7.5/10(Cost and size of serving factor into the point deductions).

Overall 16/20

Would I recommend anyone to go there? Yes,but just for the western food,skip the curry unless you feel like eating some more.

My two pence worth on sunday's dinner out.