Wednesday, 14 January 2009

cheap and good western food( n curry)

On sunday, my parents and I decided to go to the western food pl which my dad claimed was more than juz value for money, it was also money for value. ok so that was lame(he didnt exactly say that). Anw im not really an outdoor person so I initially didnt wanna go(of cos eventually I did) and the trip was defi worth it. I had hickory bbq chicken while my dad had some beef set(both S$5.90 and mum took salmon(S$6.50). Each set came with two free sides too!(had two rounds of onion rings:)).

Verdict:9.5/10(the .5 deduction is because they didn't give sauces to go with the servings, Had to go take it ourselves.) Service was good. The food came much earlier then the estimated time.(they said 30 mins, it arrived within 10).

My dad had decided that since we went all the way to serangoon, we shld enjoy ourselves abit more so he went to order another beef item,unfortunately,by then the queue had gotten too long so he reconsidered and we decided to go across the road to try the curry.

The second round of food didnt seem to be as worth it as the 1st. $4 for a medium-sized bowl of curry and bread. Could have been cheaper, but nevertheless the curry was good, so not much to complain about.

Verdict 7.5/10(Cost and size of serving factor into the point deductions).

Overall 16/20

Would I recommend anyone to go there? Yes,but just for the western food,skip the curry unless you feel like eating some more.

My two pence worth on sunday's dinner out.

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