Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thoughts on the Champions League Final

I just saw the highlights of the final.

1) Valdes had only 1 save to make all match, really tells the story about Man U strikeforce
2) Ronaldo was not only Man U's best player. He seemed to be the only one.
3) The 1st Barca goal should not have gone in, and would not have if it was classic VDS in goal

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

tale of the 2 snakes

Recently, I had this dream where I was crossing a drain with my parents, not your regular drain but a huge one, the size of several drains in one. My dad crossed with no issues, then my mum crossed,I was beside her and suddenly, a creature appeared(a cross between a croc,lizard and a snake.) Strangely enough, even tho the creature was just"over there doing nothing", my mum started freaking out.

Just yesterday, I had a similar dream, I was part of a sort of a "snake" game( like the ones on handphones), A group of my friends and I were together when we saw the snake. The snake started small and we started renouncing the snake as a group.

One by one, my friends got eaten up and the snake got bigger. I was the last, so by the time it came at me, it's size was beyond epic proportions(ok,maybe not). However, before it could set its teeth on me, I woke up.

Open to interpretation, so anyone free enough to do so, plz kindly do.