Tuesday, 14 July 2009

the week that was 5-13 july

I wanted 2 do a psp fast but after a week that went up in smoke so i look back and think maybe it was more of a self control week.

I got the cake for this month's birthdays too early, even grace said so( in fact she was the only one that said that) but then i was just wanting to get it done early. turns out a change of plans meant my cake was redundant. Fortunately big ben took it back home, if not i wouldnt know what 2 do with it.

Went to NYNY y'day 2 celebrate josh's bdae, nearly spoiled the surprise when i msged the man himself thinking that he knew, fortunately big ben and the rest took it as an oversight.

Saw uncle phua as well. turns out life in etc is quite interesting. He wanted me 2 pray 4 him 2 get taller( dun understand y tall pple wanna get taller). At 1st i didnt want 2 but as a parting"gift" u juz said a few words.

Its up to u now .God....

Felt so left out after dinner bcos i had nothing 2 share( both the dinner food and talkwise).

NYNY isnt actually as ex as i thot it wld be, which is a gd thing. haha

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