Sunday, 3 January 2010


how long has it been since i lasted posted? at least 3 mths bah. Life is so funny, one minute u are in heaven on earth the next ur world comes crashing down. ONE Camp is over!:( I killed a moth there too!( the younger kids thot i had the "killing touch" or smth,while the older ones advised me to get the remnants off asap to prevent poisoning. Camp rocked! A round of applause for everyone involved in it(campers,camp comm and pastors). I still dunno how come pple say i encourage them. I mean i cant even push myself to fight on sometimes,yet somehow my words still encourage pple.

Tributes to the following(in no particular order) :
Flo( for keeping a smile on ur face all the time,makes me wanna smile too)
Jasmin( for always being there when I needed you)
Marcus Cheong(for closing two eyes to the rules during human tic tac toe and allowing the game to flow even though it isnt right)
Ronald( for always wanting to help me be as comfortable as possible)
The Oh Brothers(Leonard and Joel, for helping me out with my computer issues,proves how much of a dud i am at it.)
The Uni Cells( for being open to this noisy fellow having dinner with them after service)
Baoren( for staying with me when i shi**ed in my pants at camp, and up the bus too  when i had a headache)
Chris Yang(thanks for the shorts)
Guys on the bus to henderson(thanks for keeping the noise at a reasonable level when requested.)
Serratus and TORSO!(thanks guys for standing by me during camp)
And all of my other buddies from church(close or far away).

THANKS TO YOU ALL! FOR EVERYTHING! PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE! You guys make my life worth living for!:D

And of course..... GOD! for providing you all!

Thank You God!

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