Saturday, 16 January 2010

a week of firsts!

this week was a week of firsts for me

I got my 1st significant qualification recognized for a job(B3 for O level english)
I closed my first deal since I started trying to do an e-business(with much help from my cousin no less, thanks Jim)
I got a PS2 as a birthday present/reward for my O level results,T&Cs apply.*also considered a first.

Im sure there are more, just that I cant think of any now.

And before I forget.

I'll to thank the following people for letting my dream of getting a PS2 come true

for my grades: my mum,and tutor Elizabeth
for the PS2 and its setting up:dad,mum, Auntie Anna(Da Gugu) and Uncle Chan.

And the most important person of course. GOD!

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