Wednesday, 17 March 2010

my thoughts

soon after my latest blog entry came out, an article about Dr, William Tan and his"girlfriend" came out. Last night at dinner I had my dad tell me that if someone is nice to me it doesnt mean she fancies me. I go "WTH". so i found out my mum told my dad that Im starting to like girls. Again i go "WTH" i mean honestly, i started liking girls at 6 years of age! Also if at my age I didnt like girls, I think my parents should get worried...

Anyway, I guess what I'm going though now is frustration. I'm seriously frustrated man! Not frustrated because I felt I lost a chance with the girl, but more frustrated that I was misunderstood and lost a friend just like that.

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Anonymous said...


writing is like 2nd to mother nature to you. k, lah, you are no more teenager so we, mum and dad should learn understand you from where you come from.

Ai yah, girls, no big deal, misunderstanding, plenty in this life time.

It takes loots of wisdom (Godly I mean) and knowing to really communicate daily with people around , sure conflicts and misread message is bound to occur, so it is part and parcel of life.

So for me I like to ask for wisdom daily b4 emarking on important issues and friendship, safer lor.

bye for now,

Ma always , my good looking son
have confidence in life, you are God's creation, again life within his will, you will be alright.