Sunday, 11 September 2011


Recently i have suddenly been so busy i feel like im in school again, except my work happens all over the place rather than a classroom. Walked the whole of dover and clementi and back to earn $6. is this what it means to be working? well for now i'm not under pressure so its fine but when it gets tough i hope i can hang on.these past 3 months have been so hectic for someone like me who has dropped off work for so long, really feels like school, wake early, work, afternoon nap, meal, slack, sleep... over and over.

One thing which i never fail not to do, even after i met that old lady at meiling yesterday, was not talking... no idea why but i just cant stop getting involved. asking questions, needing answers.and just being part of the whole thing, sometimes when someone is around, just keep talking....

overall, I thank God for the free food at 38 before service and the dinner at TBP after that, I guess it's adjusting after purple plate moves... and for the strength to walk distances i never thought i could. Though I still need to learn the EQ part.... learn the trust and believe in God and in people and not feel irritated or make them feel irritated.

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