Sunday, 10 November 2013

Friends, and other thoughts

At this point with so much happening, it made me realize how much I treasure face to face quality time with friends

Sometimes we meet up only once a year, every few months or sometimes every week(my cell) Nevertheless I treasure all of those times

Sometimes we meet up just to catch up, sometimes we meet up at my request, but either way it does not matter to me, because time together is still time together, whether is it a sharing time over a meal or some video games.

At some point in my life I want to look back and say I have been a friend as well, although from my perspective I have not been able to contribute much into anyone's life.

The friends who really stick are those that do not question when you need their help, they just lend a hand when required, I hope I can be one of those kind of friends eventually, bcos the irony is I always ask why, yet I do not like to answer "Why"questions.

Every time an act of mine is affirmed, it makes me feel happy, but the consequence of that act may not be one I actually wanted. to which I question:"what if I did not do this?,then things would not have turned out this way" but upon reflection, maybe I would have done it anyway, if the opportunity arose, but maybe could have handled it better(maybe not so aggressively? insistent? whiny?) who knows?

Every experience is what makes an individual's life, whether good or bad to gear up for another phase in life, but if lessons are not learned then I’m just at risk of going through the same issues of the past again.

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